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Free Android App for our customers.

We place a specially developed Android app at our customer's disposal, which can be downloaded at Google Play.

telmy App in Google Play

is now available free of charge at Google Play

What you do you need to know when setting up the app?

Since the app allows you to make calls using an SIP access, you first need to enable your telmy account for SIP calls. To do this, you need to call our access number from your own registered telephone connection. Please dial 0800 16 5 9999 and wait for the greeting to finish. Then you can hang up. This call is free.

You can select which call number you want to transmit via SIP calls at any time at 'SIP Access' You can, however, only select call numbers which have been previously verified. To do this, please verify your telephone numbers in the customer centre at 'User Information'.

More information about the telmy Android App here

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*The sign-up bonus is only paid once per registered telephone-line/per customer.